Specialised Wall Finishes

Specialised interior wall finishes limited by only the imagination

The possibilities for wall finishes are endless when modern render or plaster is applied by a skilled artisan. With formal solid plastering qualifications and intensive training in applying specialised plaster finishes, Chris is able to create a wide variety of unique finishes for residential or commercial projects.

Chris crafts bespoke finishes from a range of products including RockCote Natural Materials and Giorgio Graesan’s innovative Italian wall coatings.

With more than 20 years’ experience and recognised certifications in the application of these products, Chris has completed countless smoothpolished and textured earthen finishes. He is also highly experienced in creating stunning Tadelakt and elegant Moroccan Plaster finishes.

Chris will work with you to create the perfect, unique finish for your home or commercial property. From a highly polished Venetian Plaster finish to an industrial textured look, Chris can offer guidance on the right product and finish to suit your vision for the space. Many of these finishes are also suitable for external use.

No two finishes are the same and each is crafted to the client's specifications. If you can imagine it, Chris can create it!

Ideas for using internal render or decorative plaster

If you are looking for something different to standard gyprock or tiles for interior walls and features, a decorative render or plaster finish is an ideal option.

Chris can develop a distinctive look for:




Feature Areas




Fire Places


Bars, counters & serveries

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Reception or entry areas



Chris Carr_S2U_6125 (Custom)

Full interior

Have you thought about using a seamless, tile-free finish in your bathroom or for a splashback in a kitchen? A
smooth Marrakesh or Muro Naturale finish is a great replacement for tiles, creating a consistent stone-like surface for a truly personal look.

Customised plaster finishes with elegant, timeless style

With inspiration drawn from traditional European and Oriental plasters, modern plaster products are designed to be applied in the traditional way with a trowel, and polished by hand.


Venetian Plaster: The Luxury of Polished Plaster

Venetian Plaster is a luxurious, highly polished plaster that gives the illusion of depth and texture in a smooth finish. If you’re seeking a mirror or glass-like reflective appearance, this truly opulent finish is a captivating addition to any space.

Venetian Plaster is Ideal for columns, stairwells, grand entry areas and feature walls in residential and commercial buildings. Talk to Chris about bespoke Venetian Plaster finishes for your home, office, hotel, cafe, bar, restaurant or retail project.

Find out more about polished plaster finishes from our blog post The inherent luxury of polished plaster finishes.

Tadelak- Like Lustre Finishes

The appeal of traditional Tadelakt is its flowing continuity and smooth, rounded corners. This look is ideal for creating tile-free bathrooms, powder rooms, feature walls, curved stairwells and benchtops…anywhere a graceful, seamless decorative finish is sought.

To capture the essence of the enduring Tadelakt look, Chris uses Muro Naturale from the Giorgio Graesan range or Marrakesh from the RockCote range. Both are versatile, lime-based plasters that can be finished smooth or polished to a high lustre.

Chris Carr Solidplaster - Manly - Dec 2018_S2U_8185 (Custom)

Smooth and Refined with a Natural Patina

Smooth plaster is a stunning alternative to paint for walls, features and just about any surface you can imagine. With a dreamy, low lustre appearance, smooth plaster finishes add character and interest to any space

Chris draws on a variety of products including Giorgio Graesan Marmorino and RockCote Ostumigaki to create designer smooth finishes including:

  • Smooth concrete-look finishes
  • Natural white plaster finishes evoking a Mediterranean feel, ideal for coastal properties
  • Lustrous satin-style finishes
  • Marble-like semi-gloss appearance
  • Iridescent, metallic finishes for a dramatic or classic look

All finishes are available in a wide range of colour options and can be applied with a subtle or more vivid patina (with lighter and darker areas).

To find out more about bringing the concrete look to life for your project, check out our article Concrete look walls and features for homes and commercial projects. For more details about how smooth concrete-look finishes can be used internally and externally, check out our blog post Luxury beachfront home showcases concrete-look finishes. 

Creative, Textured Wall Finishes

Plaster is highly versatile. Applied by a creative artisan, there possibilities for bespoke textured finishes really are limitless. From the bold patchwork appearance of contemporary stone, to a vertical travertine-style bamboo or a coarse industrial concrete – textured finishes really capture the imagination.

Chris’ training in Giorgio Graesan’s Istinto range of textured finishes means he is able to create a vast range of looks including:

  • Polished stone
  • Split stone
  • Bamboo
  • Industrial concrete
  • Artistic, contemporary stone

Specialised tints, glazes and sealers can be used to add colour, sheen and protection. For a copper, rust, bronze or silver effect, Istinto Metal from the Giorgio Graesan range can be applied.

Textured finishes are created with lime-based plaster products that can cover imperfections in walls. They are ideal for shop fit-outs and commercial premises where fast application is essential. The natural lime base makes these products perfect for health-conscious home owners as well as day spas and health retreats.


Natural Clay for Textural Warmth

Ideal for adding textural warmth to interior surfaces, RockCote Clay Plaster Decor is a natural clay-based product that can be finished to a rustic or smooth appearance. The beauty and versatility of the product is showcased in the finishes Chris created for the California Nails salon in Barangaroo Sydney, designed by renowned architect TomMarkHenry.

Whether your project is in a residential or commercial environment, Chris uses his experience to deliver a quality product every time. It all starts in Chris' workshop where each design is tried and tested. Chris combines a variety of products and application methods to deliver the perfect finish. 

A fully accredited RockCote Artisan, Chris has extensive experience with RockCote Venetian Plaster, Marrakesh, Velvetina, Otsumigaki and Earthen Render. He has also completed hands-on training in the application of Giorgio Graesan products with Italian Master Artisans.