Address Cracks and Flaking Render with Professional Repair Services

In the event of incorrect application, render may exhibit flaking and failure. We boast extensive expertise in rectifying issues across various substrates and stand behind our craftsmanship with a comprehensive 7-year guarantee.

Commonly encountered substrates prone to complications include Dincel and Hebel, both enjoying rising popularity owing to their construction ease. Failure to properly prepare these substrates can result in premature deterioration of the rendered surface.


Remedial Job

Upon assessment, it was evident that the retaining walls lacked essential waterproofing measures to mitigate water ingress. Consequently, we implemented thorough waterproofing solutions. Additionally, inadequate drainage systems were identified, prompting the installation of proper drainage infrastructure within the walls. Addressing the absence of expansion provisions was imperative, and we swiftly resolved this issue.

Furthermore, any observed cracks in the masonry reinforcement underwent meticulous repair procedures. Subsequently, the walls were meticulously re-rendered and repainted to restore their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.