Texture Coating

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Texture Coating

Texture is an acrylic product that is applied over a base cement or acrlyic render coat and has a huge variety of colour and texture combinations. Ranging from a smooth flat finish to a heavily textured or rough finish. 


Choosing a texture

The choice of texture is of course entirely up to you, a coarser texture will hide a slightly rougher substrate, whilst a smooth texture may show the variations in the underlying substrate.


What surfaces can be texture coated?

If you thought texture coating was just for external walls, think again. We've completed texture coatings on on concrete ceilings, weather board walls, painted brick surfaces and many internal surfaces.  Common substrates textures are applied to include cement render & even Dincel. Get in touch if your unsure if your substrate is suitable, we'll be happy to advise.


Protecting your texture coating

A texture coated wall can be protected against knocks, atmosphere pollutants, salt air, water ingress, and dirt accumulation. A top coat of 'Armour' is applied which can also protect the texture coating from expansion and contraction arising from changes in temperature. 


The owners of this texture coated house choose a smooth texture to complement the sharp angles of the house and modern facade. The surface was completed with a painted surface and top coat of Armour to give long lasting protection

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