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How long does render last?
If render is done right, it should last for the life of the building. If the substrate is prepared correctly i.e. walls, where necessary are waterproofed correctly, walls have been given sufficient key, render to adhere to the wall and all expansion joints, slip joints, a cut into the render and correct painting methods are used.

Why does render crack?
Refer back to answer one: correct joints cut into render are a must at damp course, flashings and two over lapping substrates. If you don't like the look of joints, joints can be caulked and painted and appearance is minimal.

How much does render cost?
Cement render is very affordable for what you achieve, especially on older type homes where owners want to give their home a lift and a fresh look. Every job is different i.e. access, scaffolding and detailed work, but on average the starting price is around $30 per square meter ex GST

Can you put colour into cement render?
You can put oxides into cement render but colour choice is minimal and the life of colour is short lived and very inconsistent, though some people are after that rustic earthy look. Generally painting works fine when done correctly.

Can colour be put into acrylic render?
Yes. Acrylic render you can and colour range is vast, although substrate must be flat or walls must be rendered first, then coloured acrylic render is put over the top.

How long do I wait before I can paint my rendered walls?
It used to be 4-6 weeks but now thanks to Green Render Primer, once dry it takes 4 - 6 days. This is good especially if you have the cost of scaffold sitting there for a month, although full Green Render System must be used.

Can painted substances be rendered?
Yes. There are products in the market where this process works very successfully.

Do you have an input into choosing colours?
If we are asked then we can advise as we are often asked, but when it comes to choosing colours it is very personal. We all have different ideas so we can only advise.

Is acrylic render better than cement render?
No. I don't think one is better than the other. Every situation is different. It's giving people more choice in which way to go. Both have negatives and positives but no one is better than the other. We have huge experience in both systems so we can help you out whichever way you choose.

Are we fully licenced, accredited and insured?
This is our livelihood. We are fully insured and are fully accredited to everything we do. We give you a written quote before any render work so you know exactly where you are at. As our motto says "working together with you to reach the same goal".

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