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Chris Carr Specialised Wall Finishes Blog

Join me on my journey to share the beauty and versatility of natural plaster finishes. I specialise in creating truly distinctive handcrafted plaster and render finishes. 

In my blog, I'll be sharing useful information for architects, designers, home owners and anyone who appreciates the beauty of unusual and natural finishes. It's also an opportunity to showcase some of my work and share the story of these finishes with a broader audience. 

chris carr polished concrete wall

The popularity of concrete finishes continues to soar with many design bloggers reporting the concrete look, especially for interiors, is here to stay.

Whether you’re a fan of the edgy and industrial aesthetic or contemporary minimalist is more your style, the concrete look can be used as a cornerstone for your design style.

chris carr polished plaster finishes

There's something inherently luxurious about polished plaster: the glassy, reflective appearance, the superb smoothness and the intrigue of depth in a flat surface. Such is its allure that you just have to reach out and run your hand along the surface.

Polished plaster finishes are a stunning option for walls, feature walls, columns, entry areas or just about any flat surface in homes, cafes,

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